Pro Roofing America Supports Local High School Cheerleading Team to Nationals with Chartered Bus Transportation

Pro Roofing America, owned by Windsor local Jason Hutt, recently showed its support for

the Windsor High School Co-Ed cheerleading team by sending them to the national

cheerleading competition on a charter bus. The team had worked tirelessly to get to the

competition, but due to budget constraints, they could not afford transportation to the

airport. The parents and coach of the team were looking for a solution to this problem, as

well as, coordinating getting all of the student-athletes to the airport in an organized


Recognizing the potential of these young athletes, Pro Roofing America stepped in to help.

As former athletes themselves, the team at Pro Roofing America knows how difficult it can

be to travel with a team and manage a group of high school students. They understood the

importance of supporting these young athletes in an amazing opportunity to go to

Nationals, which would be a memory they would never forget.

The Windsor High School Co-Ed cheerleading team did not disappoint. The team

performed amazingly well in each division in their first year of participation in the national

cheerleading competition. They advanced to the semi-finals in both routines, which is

quite impressive. The team ranked 17th in the co-ed routine and 14th in game day.

Overall, Pro Roofing America’s support for the Windsor High School Co-Ed cheerleading

team showcases their commitment to their community and their belief in the potential of

young people. By providing the team with the transportation they needed, Pro Roofing

America gave these young athletes a chance to compete at the highest level and to

achieve their goals.

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