Pro Roofing America Sales Manager, Brendan Galley, Empowers Northern Colorado High School Students to Navigate Life’s Challenges

Brendan Galley, the sales manager for Pro Roofing America (PRA), has been making a

positive impact on the lives of high school students in Northern Colorado. With support

from PRA owner Jason Hutt, Brendan has been given the opportunity to talk to the

teenagers and young adults about navigating various challenges in life. Galley has visited

several high schools in the area, where he has spoken about topics such as sexual, mental,

and physical abuse, depression and anxiety, as well as drug and alcohol addiction, suicide,

overdose, and untimely death. Dealing with the ebbs and flows of life, and that even the

darkest moments will come to an end, that finding passion and love for life is on the


Through his talks, Galley emphasizes the importance of surrounding oneself with the right

people and making decisions that positively impact those around us. He understands that

high school can be a challenging time, and that students need guidance and support to

navigate the various obstacles that life can present.


Galley’s talks have been well-received by students and staff alike. He has been able to

connect with the students on a personal level and provide them with valuable insights and

tools to help them make positive choices in their lives. His talks serve as a reminder to the

students that they are not alone in their struggles and that there is always help available.

In conclusion, Brendan Galley’s visits to high schools in Northern Colorado have been a

valuable resource for students dealing with various challenges in life. His talks have

provided students with insights and tools to help them navigate difficult situations, and

have emphasized the importance of making positive decisions that positively impact those

around us. Pro Roofing America’s efforts demonstrate the importance of community

involvement and supporting young people as they navigate the challenges of growing up.

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