Pro Roofing America Brings Warmth and Compassion to Northern Colorado’s Homeless Through Homemade Breakfast Burrito Initiative

When Brendan Galley, sales manager at Pro Roofing America (PRA) proposed an idea to
his boss and owner of PRA, Jason Hutt, he was met with the utmost support. Seeing a
great opportunity to give back to the community. Galley took a heartwarming initiative to
bring some comfort and warmth to the homeless in Northern Colorado. As the number of
homeless people increases in the city, PRA recognized the need to do something to help
those going through a rough time.
Working in collaboration with Ryan Hamilton of the Fort Collins Rescue Mission, Galley’s
vision became a reality. The Pro Roofing America team personally handed out the burritos
to the homeless in Old Town Fort Collins. The event was a huge success, with many
people expressing their gratitude for the warm and delicious meal.
With temperatures fluctuating above and below zero at the end of January 2023, PRA
made over 200 homemade breakfast burritos to distribute on multiple occasions. They
knew that a warm, hearty meal could make someone’s day a little bit easier, especially
during challenging times.
Pro Roofing America’s actions demonstrate the importance of giving back to the
community. Hutt leads his team in a way uncommon to the mold, preaching the
importance of community involvement, that being a staple in Northern Colorado goes
much deeper than the “roofers” job description. This breakfast burrito event was a
reminder that even small acts of kindness can go a long way in making a difference in
people’s lives.
Pro Roofing America’s initiative to provide homemade breakfast burritos to the homeless
in Northern Colorado during sub-zero temperatures was a heartwarming gesture that
brought some warmth and compassion to those going through a rough time. It was a
reminder that we can all contribute to making the world a better place, even with small
acts of kindness.

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